Believe, Believe, Believe

He is controversial.

People can’t stop talking about him.

No, he isn’t a Bad Boy. He isn’t flashy or charming. No, he isn’t even a Naughty Boy. He isn’t argumentative.

He just wins, most of the time.  And works hard.

No, not really, actually  — he works very very very very hard. Incredibly hard.

Yet, he “don’t get no respect” from some quarters — and he certainly doesn’t care whether he does. For he believes he is doing good work.

He remarked after losing badly, “We kept fighting for the entire day: That’s something I’m extremely proud of.”

But, then, they beat the Steelers on his first pass in overtime.

Even Lady Gaga tweets: Thats what the **** a champion looks like.

So why controversial?

 Tim Tebow Does It Again!

Tim Tebow visited a hospital, again.  Oh yes, he did throw that pass that beat the Steelers for the Broncos, and a few people noticed, including Lady Gaga, who isn’t even a Broncos fan.

“He handles pressure like no one I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t care. He just wants to win.”

But, he is an extremely devout christian.  This is politically incorrect in the world of American popular culture: American Professional sports included.  Some people count that against him. Moreover, the sports experts don’t think much of his quarterback talent, his football throwing action is all wrong.  His doubters say: he does not  have the skill of a Brees, Rodgers or Brady — or even Orton the guy he replaced.

Believers say: he does have the “will-over-skill.”  Moreover:

The doubters were always there. In fact, many of those who now count themselves as Tebow’s most devout believers didn’t necessarily start that way.

Tebow transferred to Nease High in Ponte Vedra, Fla., after his freshman year. His previous school played him at linebacker, but he wanted to be a quarterback. Nease had a new coach who didn’t know what to do with his new player, who was bigger and stronger than any lineman. They broke from their first spring practice and the coaches went indoors to chat.

“Two and a half hours passed and when I came out, it was getting dark,” said Craig Howard, Tebow’s high school coach. “It was misty, raining, and someone was still out there on the practice field.” Tebow was throwing a variety of routes, tossing a ball, walking to pick it up and throwing it again. Over and over.

“I told our coaches, ‘This is the hardest working kid I’ve ever seen in my life. We’re going to have a heck of a team next year,” said Howard, now the coach at Southern Oregon University.

Tebow helped Nease win a state championship and was one of the hottest recruits Florida had seen, with 70-some scholarship offers. By the time Meyer took the Gators’ coaching job in 2005, no one had to brief him on Tebow.

“It was being jammed down my throat from the minute I stepped on the runway and arrived in Gainesville,” he said. “I was probably like the rest of the country. I watched some videotape, I had some concerns. I wanted to be a skeptic. No way this kid is all these things, give me a break with the missionary work. So I was a lot like a lot of people. I actually didn’t want to like him.

Meyer came around one afternoon when he watched Tebow play a baseball game for Nease. He was isolated in right field but managed to dominate the game.

“I’m not just talking about his play. I’m talking about his leadership, his hustle, the way his teammates responded to him,” said Meyer, now the head coach at Ohio State. “He was a magnet.”  [Rick Maese, Washington Post]

Still, for all his accomplishments and success in college football, including a Heismann trophy — most pro football scouts didn’t think he would make it as a National Football quarterback.  More doubters.  The Denver Broncos were seen in taking a risk in drafting him.

The Denver sportswriter, Woody Paige, summed it up:  “Tim Tremendous may be high risk, but he will be a Mile High Reward…Tebow has become the most celebrated fourth-string rookie quarterback in NFL history, the most controversial quarterback pick by the Broncos since Tommy Maddox was chosen in exactly the same spot in the first round in 1992, the most decorated player and the most determined quarterback, and the most puzzling dichotomy, in the entire draft.”

Tim Tebow wills his team to victory through perseverance, humility, and team-spirit.

“It’s exciting, a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. It’s an awesome experience. I just try to work hard and run the offense as good as possible. I had a lot of guys around me who made a lot of good plays to help me out.”

He is known for being “Conscientious, orderly, and extremely loyal, intensely devoted”

And being prepared. The watch words for Guardians, for Tim Tebow is a Provider Guardian.

Highly cooperative themselves, Providers are skilled in maintaining teamwork among their helpers, and are also tireless in their attention to the details of furnishing goods and services.  Please Understand Me II

“It is special to have the platform of playing football, because I have the opportunity to affect people … I was very excited to have Bailey Knaub at this game, and this is a girl. … Football is amazing, we love it, we’re so passionate about it as you could see right there. But the real win, at least I would say today, is being able to comfort a girl who has gone through 73 surgeries before the game and get a chance to go hang out with her now. That’s the biggest win of the day. They’re both exciting, but that’s what I’m even more proud of.”  [Tim Tebow after game interview]

It has been a fight from the beginning.

Tebow was born in Makati City in the Philippines, to American parents who were serving as Christian Baptist missionaries at the time. His mother, Pamela Elaine (née Pemberton), is the daughter of a U.S. Army colonel, and his father, Robert Ramsey Tebow II, is a pastor. While pregnant, his mother suffered a life-threatening infection with a pathogenic amoeba. Because of the drugs used to rouse her from a coma and to treat her dysentery, the fetus experienced a severe placental abruption. Doctors had expected a stillbirth and recommended an abortion to protect her life, although abortions are illegal in the Philippines, but she decided not to have one.

Tebow is the youngest of five children, with sisters Christy and Katie, and brothers Robby and Peter. All of the Tebow children were homeschooled by their mother, who worked to instill the family’s Christian beliefs along the way. [Wikipedia]

Believe? Tim Tebow believes.

Quote1.pngMy passion is kids, more than just kids is underprivileged kids and orphans.Quote2.png

4 thoughts on “Believe, Believe, Believe

  1. pam January 10, 2012 / 4:49 pm

    Great and revealing article on a guy I knew nothing about. Nice to know the temperament story behind the man too. Thank god for Guardians. What a beautiful guy.


  2. jason taylor January 11, 2012 / 7:18 am

    While were on Christian athletes, I always thought Bethany Hamilton was an ISFP. Only an artisan can be so obviously enraptured by surfing and she seems like a ballerina on the water(in Soul Surfer she did her own stunts; during the surfing scenes you actually are seeing her), while she .has a sweet personality and an artistic sense that is very ISFP-like.


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