Keirsey Temperament Awards 2014

The Keirsey Temperament Awards for 2014

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Keirsey Temperament Awards 2012
Keirsey Temperament Awards 2013

Each year an individual is awarded from each of the Four TemperamentsArtisanGuardianIdealist, and Rational.  And we acknowledge this year’s passing of well known individuals who exhibited their Keirsey Temperament, In Memoriam.

The awards are given to individuals who are usually “famous” and have significantly impacted the world, as to illustrate and highlight the Four Temperaments.  Keirsey Temperament Theory maintains all four Temperaments play important roles in society and we need all kinds of people to use their developed natural talents, to do the best at what they do best.

The selection is difficult, for sometimes Temperament is hidden because we are looking at these individuals from a far. Usually I don’t know the individuals personally, and only through the media am I familiar with these people.  I am the judge and jury, with the suggestions from those are interested in Keirsey Temperament.

2014 Keirsey Temperament Awards


Chimamanda AdichieTeacher Idealist

The Danger of a Single Story

Chimamanda Adichie
Chimamanda Adichie

In Memoriam
Richard AttenboroughChampion Idealist
Actor, Director, Film producer, and Entrepreneur

The Gardener

Richard Attenborough

In Memoriam
Maya AngelouTeacher Idealist

Word Warrior

Maya Angelou

In Memoriam

Nathaniel Branden, Counselor Idealist

Psychotherapist, Writer

On Being an Individual Of

Nathaniel Branden

Other Noted Idealists In Memoriam:

Pete Seeger
Gabriel Garcia Marquez



Ed CatmullMastermind Rational

Computer Scientist, President of Disney Animation Studios, and Pixar Animation Studios, … and Disney Toons Studios.

Innovating Innovation

Ed Catmull
Ed Catmull: University of Utah, 1970’s

Honorable Mention
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mastermind Rational
Writer, Activist, and Politician
Wandering Towards Enlightenment, Revisited

Honorable Mention 

Atul Gawande, Inventor Rational

Surgeon, Author, and Public Health researcher

Big Think

Atul Gawande

Other Rationals of Note, this year


Anthony MelchiorriSupervisor Guardian

Hospitality Expert, Hotel Manager

It’s Good Business

Anthony Melchiorri

In Memoriam
Huell HowserProvider Guardian

Television Host

California’s Gold

In Memoriam

Lauren Bacall, Inspector Guardian

They Had It All

Lauren Bacall

Other Guardians of Note in Memoriam:
Shirley Temple Black
Casey Kasem
P. D. James


Lech WalesaPromoter Artisan

Union Organizer, Former President of Poland

The First Visible Crack

Lech Walesa
Lech Walesa

Honorable Mention

Nicole Curtis, Crafter Artisan

Hands On

Nicole Curtis
Nicole Curtis

In Memoriam
Robin WilliamsPerformer Artisan
Comedian, Actor

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Robin Williams 1

In Memoriam

Joan RiversPerformer Artisan

Can We Talk

Joan Rivers


In Memoriam
Mickey RooneyPerformer Artisan

Here’s Mickey

Andy Rooney with Judy Garland

Other Notable Artisans in Memoriam:

James Garner
Sid Caesar
Joe Cocker


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