Officious Busy-Bodies

“Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker.”
What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

I have lost Wikipedia battles.  The latest I just discovered.

They are virtually nameless.  They just appear in the history of edits on a Wikipedia page.  They are vandals in the guise of “Wikipedia Administrators.”  Self appointed legal vandals, in the guise of upholding “Wikipedia standards and practices”.  Their religion is to enforce that the Wikipedia has conforming and superficial knowledge.  I believe there are some good Wikipedia Administrators out there, but I haven’t encountered one.  I have had battles with these “little Caesars” with their officiousness throughout the years.

Here is what this “Wikipedia Administrator” troll has to say about his “work” — what he doesn’t mention is his trashing and deleting of Keirsey Temperament Wikipedia pages:

My current Wikipedia programming project is Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss, which aims to spell-check, grammar-check, and style-check all of the English Wikipedia.

“spell-check, grammar-check, and style-check”  and deleting perfect legitimate material that had been on Wikipedia for more than a decade at least.

I call it: Ignorant Censoring

These “standards” police been gaining more control and power over Wikipedia pages and they can attack at any time when you are not watching.  They are ignorant religious busy-bodies. True, they aren’t paid for this thankless job of “administrating to Wikipedia,”  but what gives them the right to trash Wikipedia pages they don’t know anything about.  The banality of their officious supervising and deleting material denigrates Wikipedia.  This Wikipedia Administrator comment appeared on a Keirsey Temperament Wikipedia pages — it can’t be deleted.

“The insolence of office …”
Hamlet’s Soliloquy


More appropriate”  — to whom?”

“reliable?”  “independent?” “neutral?”  ignorant (or biased) “third-party” sources??? — give me a break.   There is an information Eichmann excuse of “the upholding the rules” — just doing “his job.”

These “Wikipedia Administrators” have no idea that the citations of “psychiatric articles of ‘ADD’ and ‘ADHD'” are full of lies, misinformation, and harmful — and these articles support psychiatry’s poisoning of individuals and are responsible to hundreds of thousands deaths and ruined lives throughout the years [toxic psychiatry].  These “administrators” are just plain: ignorant.  Meddlesome.  Busy-bodies.

“The trouble with Eichmann was precisely that so many were like him, and that the many were neither perverted nor sadistic, that they were, and still are, terribly and terrifyingly normal.”  — Hannah Arendt.

This censorship of ideas by these busy-bodies, who don’t know anything about the subjects that they are meddling in, is akin to the damage done by the bureaucratic minions of authoritarian government’s censorship and propaganda: the “administrator” rule over Wikipedia is getting worse. Wikipedia has an incredible source of useful information in most of the areas of my interest: mathematics, physical sciences, information science. However, in the humanities and in particular some of my father’s work put on Wikipedia pages, that I had fought for decades to keep accessible, relevant, clear of spam and nonsense, and useful as introductory material — has been deleted.  Many pages created [not by me, but individuals interested in my father’s work awhile back (decades?)], have been deleted very recently.  I have lost that battle. I found these people as ignorant busy bodies, who enjoy the power of ignorant censorship.  The general public is the loser in this battle.


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